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New Green List Changes Can Affect Your Residence Pathway

As of April 7, 2024, significant revisions to both the Green List and the sector agreements pathways have dramatically altered the path to residency. Join us as we dissect these Green List changes and offer guidance for those charting their course towards residency in New Zealand.

Expanding Opportunities: Green List Changes

On April 8, 2024, the Green List welcomed six new roles, opening doors to nine ANZSCO occupations. 

Among these are positions such as Aviation Engineer, Naval Architect, and ICT Database and Systems Administrator, offering both Straight to Residence and Work to Residence pathways.

However, previously announced roles such as Metal Fabricator and Vehicle Painter will not be added to the Green List.

Sector Agreement Updates

Significant adjustments have been made to the eligibility criteria for Transport Sector Work to Residence visas, particularly affecting bus and truck drivers.

Those applying for an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) or commencing work as bus or truck drivers on an open work visa after April 7, 2024, are no longer eligible for a Transport Work to Residence visa. 

However, exceptions apply to individuals who already hold an AEWV or have applied for one before this date.

For those in the Care Workforce sector, clarification has been provided regarding work experience requirements. Despite increases in hourly wage rates, work experience will continue to be counted as long as the applicant’s income does not fall below the rate at the time of visa issuance and they remain in the same employment.

Immediate Residence for Secondary School Teachers

Starting from May 2024, Secondary School Teachers can apply directly for residence if they meet specific criteria, including holding a genuine offer of employment, valid teacher registration, and meeting the median wage threshold.

When to seek assistance

Navigating these immigration changes demands both vigilance and understanding. 

Whether you’re steering the wheel as a bus driver, honing your skills in a specialized profession, or educating the next generation as a teacher, staying well-informed is paramount to successfully charting your course towards residency in New Zealand. 

If you find yourself needing assistance to navigate this intricate path, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to provide expert guidance as you navigate towards your future in New Zealand.