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Working Holiday Visa


Imagine a fast-tracked way to move to NZ. Not only do you have work rights but you can move around the country with no strings attached. Want to have the NZ life experience in the comfiest way possible? Look no further than a NZ Working Holiday Visa

What is a Working Holiday Visa?

It’s a visa that allows people from certain countries to come in, work and explore NZ.

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What's the eligibility for a Working Holiday Visa?

What's the age bracket for a NZ Working Holiday Visa?

Working Holidays are aimed at young people. Normally the age bracket is 18 to 30, but it can be up to 35 for a select few countries.

What can you do on a Working Holiday Visa?

Do you need an immigration advisor to apply for a Working Holiday?

Not really. The Working Holiday application is one of the most streamlined visa processes in NZ, most people apply online and it only takes minutes.

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What are the drawbacks of a working holiday?

For such a popular visa, the Working Holiday Visa has certain issues that must be taken into consideration:

The main challenge people find with Working Holiday visas is availability. While some countries have no cap on the number of visas, others do. In most of these countries, the places are taken in a matter of minutes on the release day and the allocation becomes pretty much a lottery.

What can I do if I am not eligible for a Working Holiday Visa or couldn't get one?

People who are unable to come to NZ on a Working Holiday for any reason still have a chance to experience the NZ work and travel experience. Most of the time this involves applying for a student visa. Talk to us about your best alternatives.

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