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Embark on an adventure to explore the captivating landscapes of New Zealand, where the synergy of your career aspirations and the liberty of mobility comes to life.

Christopher Luxon, the leader of the new government, has revealed pioneering technology and visa strategies set to transform the landscape for digital professionals. He underscores, “National is committed to advancing the tech sector by providing visas that invite the world’s most talented individuals to bring their skills, experience, and innovative ideas here.”

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What's in the Future for Digital Nomads in New Zealand?

One significant step in this new direction is the plan to create a new Digital Nomad Visa.

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The Digital Nomad Trend in Europe

The absence of an official digital nomad visa in New Zealand is intriguing, especially when compared to numerous other countries, particularly in Europe. This summer, Europe experienced a wave of digital nomads equipped with laptops, warmly welcomed to traverse the continent while efficiently working from remote locations. Greece, among other countries, enticed them with tax incentives, and several European nations embraced short-term agreements, making it easier for foreign nationals to relocate.

This prompts the question: Why hasn’t New Zealand taken this progressive step yet? A similar scenario unfolds in Australia, a neighboring nation to New Zealand, which also lacks an official digital nomad visa. The shared Kiwi-Aussie bond raises curiosity about the reasons behind both countries not adopting this emerging trend.

Exploring Your Options Today

Ready to kickstart your digital nomad journey? Well, you’re in luck because there are options waiting for you right now! In the absence of a dedicated digital nomad visa in New Zealand, consider alternatives such as the Working Holiday Visa:

While options such as the visitor visa exist, it’s essential to understand that it lacks work permissions, rendering it an unsuitable avenue for digital nomads to enter the country legitimately.

Individuals collaborating in an office environment.

Other visas allowing you to live in New Zealand

There are many other visas that may allow you to stay in New Zealand.
To explore your options, please book a consultation with one of our Licensed Immigration advisers.