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Visitor Visas

We all must start somewhere. And for some of us, this means a visitor visa.

What does a visitor visa allow you?

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Does every traveller need a visitor visa?

Visitors from certain countries do not require a visitor visa to enter NZ; but they may apply for one at a later stage of their time in NZ

My plan involves staying in NZ longer than a holiday. Should I enter on a visitor visa and then apply for a new one?

If your real intentions in NZ are to work, stay with your partner or migrate, you should explore any of the other work, partnership or residence visas available to you. Immigration NZ doesn’t like the idea of migrants gaming the visa system to their benefit. Such behaviour would hurt your bonafide status, which requires that all temporary visa holders have a genuine reason to be in NZ. In other words, you may be able to enter as a visitor, but getting a new visa may prove complicated.

If that is the case, why should onshore migrants apply for a visitor visa?

In some extreme cases, a migrant might have no other choice. Some partners of temporary visa holders can only get a visa with visitor conditions to join them in NZ; some workers may have their original plans fell through and their current visa is about to expire, etc. For all its limitations, the visitor visa has the advantage of being the most temporary of visas and with fewer conditions than most. A visitor visa is always a better alternative than staying in NZ without a visa, which would make you an overstayer.

What do I need?​

Visitor visa applicants still have to satisfy health and character criteria, as well as proof of funds or sponsorship

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