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Compulsory Employer Accreditation in 2021

If you own a business and employ migrant workers, you must be accredited to continue doing so during 2021.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) intends to consolidate several temporary visa categories into a single one. These are:

Accredited Employer NZ

With this, the proposed framework will require employers to hold “Employer Accredited” status with INZ, before a visa may be approved for them to employ a migrant worker.   This will include employers with existing staff members on a work visa that need visa extensions as well. 

No visa shall be approved outside of this compulsory scheme after mid 2021.  

To comply with this new requirement, the employers will need to apply for accreditation with INZ and in enough time to avoid delays. The accreditation process is a very stringent and involved process whereby INZ must be satisfied that the business fully complies with New Zealand Employment and Immigration Law, amongst other factors in their assessment.  

Hurry to avoid queues and unnecessary delays in hiring your (migrant) staff starting from mid-2021

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