migrant exploitation protection work visa

Migrant Exploitation Protection Work Visa

What is a Migrant Exploitation Protection Work Visa? 

It is a new visa for visa holders in NZ, with an employer-specific condition. This visa allows them to leave their job quickly while the exploitation report is being investigated.

Who can apply for this visa?

  • You must be in New Zealand;
  • You hold a work visa that specifies their employer as a condition of their visa; and
  • You are being exploited at work.

What is the process?

  • You must first make a report on the Employment New Zealand website at this link – https://reportmigrantexploitation.employment.govt.nz/ or you can call this number – 0800 20 00 88.
  • Employment New Zealand will make an assessment and if they find your report credible, they will give you a Report of Exploitation Assessment letter.
  • You can then use the letter to apply for the MEPV.
  • You must still meet the health and character requirements for a visa, however are not required to provide medical and police certificates with this visa application.
  • Partners and dependent children who already hold a visa based on their relationship to a person granted an MEPV may be eligible for a further visa of the same type.

What are the visa conditions and duration?

  • If approved, the visa will be either for 6 months or for the duration of your visa. 
  • The visa will allow you to work for any employer.