immigration blog visa extensions provide certainty to employers and 10000 visa holder


  1. The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) has been deferred to mid 2022.

Paper application

From 19 July to 28 August, essential skills work visa applications must be made on paper and sent to Immigration New Zealand. The form number is INZ 1266, and this can be found on the INZ website.

24 month visa for low paid visa holders

If you are applying for a work visa paid under the median wage rate, you are now eligible for a 2-year work visa, as long as your visa application is lodged before June 2022;

If you want to apply for a new essential skills work visa for your current role

If you hold any work visa type, and you want to apply for a new essentials skills work visa for your current role, then:

  •  your employer does not need to advertise for the role; or
  • Give you a new job offer and employment agreement.
  • They only need to give you an Employer Supplementary Form.
  • If you have provided a Full Medical and Police Certificate in a previous application, then you do not need to provide new ones. 

So you will only need to complete the new Essential Skills Work Visa Form, attach it with the updated Employer Supplementary Form and courier it off to the correct INZ address. The work visa application fee is still the same at $495.