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New Opportunities: Care Workforce Pathways in New Zealand

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the worldwide demand for healthcare workers has surged. In response, countries such as New Zealand are devising innovative solutions. 

However, New Zealand in particular, faces the challenge of an ageing population, which requires more care and support workers. The pandemic has intensified the need for skilled healthcare professionals in the sector.

Introducing the Care Workforce Residence Pathway

To address this demand and provide a clear trajectory for care workers, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has launched the Care Workforce Residence Pathway. 

This initiative, which commenced in September 2023, provides a tailored work-to-residence pathway designed specifically for care workers.

Eligibility Criteria for the NZ Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa

To be eligible, applicants must meet certain criteria:

– Hold a role listed in the Care Workforce Sector Occupation List.

– Have worked in the listed role for a minimum of 24 months in New Zealand.

– Age range must be 55 or younger.

The occupations covered under this pathway encompass a range of roles vital to the healthcare sector, including Aged and Disabled Carers, Nursing Support Workers, Personal Care Assistants, and Diversional Therapists.

Benefits of the Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa 

– Indefinite length of stay in New Zealand.

– Inclusion of partner and dependent children aged 24 or younger in the visa application.

– Permission to live, work, and study in New Zealand.

Important Considerations

While the pathway presents a promising opportunity, applicants must adhere to certain conditions:

  • Employment must be full-time and either permanent or fixed-term for at least 12 months.
  • A minimum pay rate of NZD $28.25 per hour (or equivalent salary) is required for the 24-month work experience.
  • Partners and children intending to study, work, or visit based on the applicant’s relationship must be included in the application.

The Road Ahead

The Care Workforce Residence Pathway underscores New Zealand’s unwavering commitment to bolstering healthcare professionals and catering to the evolving needs of its people.

By facilitating residency and recognizing the indispensable contributions of care workers, this pathway serves as a testament to New Zealand’s support for the healthcare sector. 

If you’re ready to pursue your career goals in New Zealand, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us now to kickstart your journey.