a man seated at a computer, confidently submitting his permanent visa application online

Permanent Resident Visa Applications Are Now Online

In an era marked by technological advancements, the immigration landscape is no exception. New Zealand is transitioning the application process for the Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) online, starting January 2024.

Traditionally, PRV applications involved paperwork and courier services, but a positive change is coming. The process is transitioning to an online platform, promising a simpler and faster experience for all applicants.

The current estimated processing time for PRV applications is around 25 working days, but the shift to online processing is set to expedite this further. This move aligns with the government’s commitment to modernize immigration processes.

This is great news for the 100,000+ holders of the 2021 Resident Visa in New Zealand as they become eligible to apply for their Permanent Resident Visas (PRVs) in 2024.

One of the noteworthy aspects of the PRV application is its inclusivity. Applicants have the opportunity to include their partners and dependent children aged 24 and under in their visa application. This underscores New Zealand’s commitment to fostering family unity for those seeking to make the country their home.

As New Zealand modernizes its immigration processes, prospective immigrants should prepare for the upcoming shift in the Permanent Resident Visa application. Understanding the online system and the long-term benefits of a PRV are crucial for a smooth transition to lifelong residency. For assistance, feel free to contact us—we’re here to support you on this journey!