The torso of a nurse in scrubs, likely busy with healthcare duties in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Top In-Demand Jobs: Is Yours on the List?

With a population of 5.1 million, significantly smaller compared to its neighbor Australia, New Zealand stands as a unique world of its own. Excitingly, opportunities for working in New Zealand have never been more accessible, as the country is currently experiencing high demand for a diverse array of sought-after occupations. Are you curious if your profession is needed and considering a move to New Zealand? Keep reading to uncover more!

The Green List Pathway

Previously, high-demand occupations for immigration in New Zealand were categorized into the Long Term Skill Shortage List, the Regional Skill Shortage List, and the Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List tailored for Canterbury.

Following the reopening of the immigration program post the Covid-19 pandemic, these lists have been consolidated into the Green List. This streamlined list comprises occupations in such high demand that Tier 1 roles can directly lead to residence, or Tier 2 roles can facilitate Work to Residence. This update brings great news for expats, foreigners, and immigrants seeking to move to NZ!

20 Most In-Demand New zealand jobs:

For those considering immigrating to New Zealand, having insight into the most in-demand occupations can streamline the visa application process and ease the transition into the job market. Here are some of the top 20 sought-after jobs:

1. Registered Nurses

2. General Practitioners

3. Teachers and Educators

4. ICT, Electronics, and Communications Professionals

5. Electricians and Plumbers

6. Surveyors

7. Civil Engineers

8. Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work

9. Specialist Doctors, Consultants, and Surgeons

10. Midwives

11. Machine Operators

12. Engineering Professionals

13. Electrical and Telecommunications Engineers

14. Accountants and Procurement Managers

15. Chefs or Chef de Parties

16. Scientists

17. Automotive Specialists

18. Manufacturing Specialists

19. Agriculture and Forestry Workers

20. Truck Drivers

As New Zealand’s job market evolves, it’s essential for job seekers to stay updated on in-demand occupations and tailor their applications accordingly to highlight relevant skills and attributes. Unsure about the right career path for you? Let us assist you! We’re dedicated to making your journey to a new career as smooth as possible.