A man in protective gear cutting metal, with overlay text reading 'Expansion to the Green List'

Expansion to The Green List

In December 2022, the New Zealand Government initiated a substantial revision of its Immigration Green-List, marking a pivotal moment in addressing skills shortages.

The recent changes, effective since December 15 of 2022, have elevated some healthcare professionals to Tier 1, providing a fast track Residence pathway, while also expanding Tier 2 to include new occupations such as Primary school teachers, Halal slaughterers, and construction-related roles.

More roles Added to the Green List:

In a scheduled review by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), seventeen roles are set to be added to the Green List from March 2024. This expansion encompasses diverse occupations, including Aviation Engineers, Mechanical Engineering Technicians, Corrections Officers, and Vehicle Painters. 

Roles Added to Construction and Infrastructure Sector Agreement:

In early 2024, additional roles will be also added to the Construction and Infrastructure Sector Agreement, including Driller’s Assistant, Earthmoving Labourer, Linemarker, and Road Traffic Controller. Further details will be available closer to the implementation date.

Applications for Work to Residence Pathway Open:

Since September 29, 2023, the Green List and Sector Agreement Work to Residence pathways has opened for applications, enabling migrants with two years of eligible work experience to apply for residence. Eligibility criteria include age, health, character, and English language proficiency. 

Explore further details about the occupations featured on the Green List here.

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