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The application stage for the 2021 Residency visa has already begun for every migrant eligible. For general information, check our page(LINK) on it. That being said, what if you are thinking about applying and have a specific inquiry about the process? Here at Visa Advisors have heard every kind of question regarding this visa. We are sharing with you a selection of some of the most common or challenging ones with answers from our licensed immigration advisers.

No exceptions! INZ has specifically mentioned the 5-months span they have given for every eligible migrant to sort out passport issues before applying.

No, migrants on interim visas cannot apply for any visa until their applications are resolved. This question may arise from the confusion regarding applications under the Scarce criteria being valid if the applicant was on an interim visa by September 29 2021.

No. INZ treats the cut-off date of September 29 2021 in black-and-white terms. You must have met the conditions on that day and then provide the evidence that you did.

You don’t need to have been in NZ by September 29 2018 if you arrived earlier. However, you do need to meet the 821 days in NZ criteria from that date.

Applications for phase 2 of the 2021 residency are made on the new Immigration Online platform. This consists of a questionnaire of basic personal and eligibility details as well as payment. No supporting documentation is required at this stage. However, INZ will ask for documentation as soon as the application begins to be processed. A similar situation happens with the medical and x-ray exams.

INZ was always adamant about their wish to avoid a mass application as soon the phase 2 stage opened at 10 am on March 1. This is why all applications will be stored until the end of March and start to be processed until then. Applications will then be released for processing in order of the applicant’s current visa expiry date at the time of their Resident Visa application.

You need to be in NZ at the time of application. If you leave NZ after it, your application will continue to be processed without any procedural changes.

Short version: probably not. Stay put!

Long version: You need to keep your eligibility condition at all times. This means that you need to keep your full-time work conditions under both the Skilled and Scarce criteria. On the other hand, while the Settled criteria do not require you to be working, you do need to keep the conditions of your current visa, and if you are on an essential skills work visa you do need to keep your employment conditions. If you are under another class of non-work restricted eligible visa such as a Post-Study Work Visa, you can quit your job with no repercussions.

You may, but you will need to explain the reasons for not living together at the moment and how you are keeping in touch during this time. You can take a look at our guide on relationship-based visas

You can meet any of the 3 residency criteria but if you didn’t have one of the eligible visas on September 29 2021 you are not eligible for residency. There is no partnership-based visa on that list.

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