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About Visa Advisers

Koen and Sosa became Visa Advisers in Jan 2021

Reinvigorated energy for this new year, with our usual commitment and professionalism.

Thank you for trusting us this far during 2020.  Let us help you in this new year to realise your migration dreams.


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Practice Areas

Our licensed Immigration Advisers provide a wide range of services and specialize in different types of visas.


Work Visas

Required if you’d like to work in New Zealand for a certain period of time.


Student Visas

Usually required if you’d like to study more than 3 months.


If you are outside New Zealand and want to re-enter the country.


Residence Class Visas

If you’d like to settle permanently  in New Zealand, this is your visa.


Family Visas

Several options for partners, dependent children, or even parents.


Section 61

If you are unlawfully in New Zealand and would like to resolve your situation.

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Office Manager, support

Frequently Asked Questions

Using a Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA) can make the difference between success and failure for an application and hours of learning effort. LIAs are knowledgeable of the ever-changing New Zealand Immigration framework and processes. By working with one, you’ll get the best advocacy, support, and advise about the options (if any) and the optimum pathway could have to fulfil your immigration goals. LIA’s expertise minimize the risk of rework (i.e. having Immigration New Zealand (INZ) raising concerns and questions over an application), ultimately leading to a better prepared, and hence more likely, faster application turnaround.

In general, Visa Advisers provide help for most of the Immigration matters. This can be, but it is not reduced to: Essential Skills Work Visas (ESWV), Student Visas, Visitor Visas, Work to Residence Visa, Residence Visas, Partnership and Child Visas, Entrepreneur and Investor Visas, Section 61, Responses to PPI.

Visa Adviser’s professionals have a broad expertise, but if we find our expertise is not enough we will certainly refer your case to an specialist (e.g. Refugee cases, Asylum seekers, etc)

The fundamental difference is that LIAs focus exclusively on New Zealand immigration law and are regulated by the Immigration Advisory Authority Lawyers usually exercise on a much broader range of laws and are regulated by the NZ Law Society. LIAs focus on immigration work , so there is a higher level of experience in these matters. Many lawyers refuse to do immigration work, even though they are allowed to do so because it is complex and constantly changing. So while a registered lawyer is allowed to do immigration work they are not always the best choice.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

If you are seeking advice or guidance, Koen and Sosa ("Now Visa Advisers") is the answer. Don't hesitate and contact them as their service was amazing. Big thanks to Veronica, Hernan and specially Rosi. My visa got approved in 2 weeks! thanks for your services.
Nacho Devoto
I met them when my partner had an issue with a visa, and they were so much more than just only her advisors. They support her from the beggining, and knew exactly what to do, efficiently and with and incredible compromise. They also were our support along the whole process, so important for us at this moment. We are really happy to know them, after that complicated visa (wich of course they sorted out) we always contact them for every single Inmigration question or doubts. I highly recommend them. After us, all our friends started to contact them for differents questions or visa issues (partners, student visa, work visas, residencies, ect) and all of them were successful. "Do not hesitate to contact them, do not waste your time and money with another people...if you have a problem with inmigration, or any aother inquiery related....Koen&Sosa ("Now Visa Advisers") is your answer."
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Nicolas Stickar