Border Exceptions

Expressions of Interest are now open.

Some overseas work visa holders, or partners of visa holders, who have ongoing and strong links to New Zealand may be eligible to apply. There are other strict requirements.

Who can travel to NZ without requesting to travel?

Any other travel to NZ must be for a critical purpose

Critical purposes are:
  1. Australian citizens or permanent residents who are partners of NZ citizens or residents
  2. Partners from visa-waiver countries
  3. Family members of NZ citizens or residents who do not hold relationship-based visas
    1. may be able to travel to New Zealand, but must be travelling with the New Zealand citizen or resident family member or normally live in New Zealand.
  4. Partners and dependent children of NZ work or student visa holders
    1. already hold a work, student or visitor visa and normally live in New Zealand
    2. have a partner or parent who is currently in New Zealand and holds a work or student visa.
  5. Normally resident work visa holders
    1. must have departed New Zealand between 1 December 2019 and 9 October 2020
    2. Must hold any of the following work visas:
      1. mid-skilled, higher-skilled or above the median wage essential skills work visa
      2. Entrepreneur Work Visa
      3. Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Visa
      4. Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports) Work Visa
      5. Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa
      6. Skilled Migrant Category Job Search Visa
      7. South Island Contribution Work Visa
      8. Global Impact Work Visa
    3. must be currently employed in the same job you had when you left New Zealand, or continue to operate the same business if you held an Entrepreneur Work visa, and have retained your job while outside of New Zealand.
    4. must have lived in New Zealand for more than 2 years before leaving, or between 1 and 2 years and:
      1. had 1 or more dependent children with them in New Zealand for at least 6 months of that 12-month period
      2. have parents or adult siblings who are currently in, and who are ordinarily resident in, New Zealand
      3. submitted their application for their current resident visa by 10 August 2020
  6. Critical health workers
  7. Travel to and from Pacific Islands
  8. Humanitarian reasons
  9. Entry for PhD and postgraduate students
    1. Must be holding, or have held, a visa to study in New Zealand in 2020 and has been unable to enter the country.
  10. Other critical workers
  11. Replacement cargo ship crew arriving by air
  12. Ship crew arriving by sea

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